Effective August 1st, 2015

NAIB appreciates your visit to our Web site and thanks you for your interest in our company, our products and our services. Protection of your privacy and personal data is an important matter for us. To ensure a high level of transparency and security, our declaration on data protection as set forth below will inform you as to the nature, scope and purpose of any collection, use and processing of information and data recorded by us.


In this respect, please keep in mind that this declaration on data protection refers only to the publicly accessible Web sites with the following Internet addresses/URLs of NAIB.


1. External Links

 Our Web site also makes reference to third parties. As a rule, these are identified by stating the relevant Internet address or the company/product logo. NAIB has no influence whatsoever on the contents and design of sites of other providers and therefore cannot extend the warranties under this declaration on data protection to such sites. Nor does the fact that we refer to such sites mean that we adopt their contents as our own.


2. Cookies

A cookie is a small data text file stored on your computer or mobile device (if permitted by your browser) that NAIB can retrieve to identify you while you are on our site. The cookies can only be read by the website which set it. No other company has access to these cookies. A cookie cannot retrieve any other data from your hard drive or device, pass on a computer virus, or capture your email address.

It is possible for you to set your browser so cookies are rejected or you are informed of them before they’re stored. Flash cookies or Local Shared Objects (LSO), session storage or DOM are not used by NAIB.


2.1 Session Cookies

Our Web sites use so-called session cookies. These cookies deposit data for purposes of technical regulation in your browser's memory. However, they do not contain any personal data and are deleted after your browser is closed.

2.2 Mandatory Cookies

 NAIB deposits mandatory cookies on your computer, which are partly not deleted afterconclusion of your session. This makes it possible for the website to recognize your computer at your next visit and adapt the website to your interests. With your consent, NAIB stores your password so you do not have to re-enter it each time. Mandatory cookies are also used for the limited purpose of optimizing and personalizing your website experience—for example, by allowing a single sign-on for the VIP Pass and communities.

2.3 Website analytics

 Our website uses analytics tools. With these tools, we can analyze the utilization of our website using cookies. From the collected data, we compile profiles using pseudonyms. We do not use the collected data to identify the visitors of our website nor do we combine the data with the personal data from the bearer of the pseudonym. If you object, a “disagree” cookie will be stored in your browser and the tools will not collect any session data. You can object to the collection and analysis of this anonymous data here:

2.4 Prefilling forms and tracking behavioral data

We will also deposit a special cookie on your computer which allows us to prefill forms and use behavioral data on our website. If you have given us your e-mail address, we use this data to communicate with you based on your interests. All of our e-mail communications offer the option to opt out from future contact by us. Please visit our Subscription Center to manage the communications you receive from NAIB.


3. Communication-related and Use-related Data

 Generally speaking, you may visit NAIB's Web site without us finding out who you are. Only for statistical and internal system-related purposes do we record the access time, the quantity of data transferred, the pages of ours that you visited, the page from which you accessed our Web site and the browser that you use (log files), in addition to your IP address. To the extent that such information might enable conclusions in relation to personal data, these are naturally subject to the relevant statutory data protection provisions. The data is not personalized and is deleted following statistical evaluation.


3.1 Anti-Spam for Blogs

 At the Blog of NAIB we use the anti-spam service, in order to separate spam from regular user comments. Comment data will be sent to and processed by anti-spam service solely for this purpose. Our anti-spam service stores the data up to 4 days, in case the the comment is rated as spam the data will be stored longer. The stored data includes name, e-mail-address, IP-address, the text of the comment, the referrer, information about the used browser and computer systems and the time of the entry. Our anti-spam does not save the comment data permanently on its servers unless a comment was marked as false positive, in which case our anti-spam stores it long enough to use it to improve the service to avoid future false positives. You may use a pseudonym for name and e-mail address.


4. Collection of Personal Data

 In order to be able to utilize the services offered on our Web site, in particular, downloads, online forums, online applications, individual enquiries, registrations for our courses or registrations for other services, it is necessary that we obtain personal data from you. The personal data entails individual statements concerning personal and material relations pertaining to you, such as your name, your address or your e-mail address. Such information is collected by us only if you provide it voluntarily and show us in this way that you agree to the use and processing thereof. In this respect, it goes without saying for us that such data is necessarily only collected where it is absolutely mandatory for the implementation of the relevant offers. Where we request additional data, this occurs solely for purposes of, for example, facilitating communication with you or improving our service.


5. Use and Processing of Personal Data

 As a rule, NAIB uses and processes the personal data provided for purposes of contractual settlement and processing your enquiries and requests.

Data with personal content is processed and used to a limited extent for customer management and marketing purposes, provided the relevant statutory provisions permit this. Should you no longer agree to such use, you may, of course, object to further use at any time. Moreover, your information provided to us may be combined with data on you that has already been stored by us. Such data combination has, inter alia, the advantage of keeping your data collected by us updated at all times, guaranteeing the accuracy of the collected information and being able to optimize our service to you.

 We use and process your data outside these parameters only if you have expressly granted your prior consent thereto and only for purposes of which you have been advised. Thus, for example, you may stipulate in an online application whether we may review the application with respect to other positions in our company. Only in this event will we use such data for this purpose.


6. Forwarding of Data

 NAIB is a group that does business globally. To this extent, in order to better process your matter, it might be necessary to forward your data to local subsidiaries or to local distribution partners, whose registered office might also be located in countries outside the EU. However, such transmission takes place only within the group and only for the aforementioned purposes.

 Naturally we do not forward your data to third parties, unless we are obliged to do so by virtue of statutory provisions or judicial order.

In particular, your personal data shall not be sold, leased or exchanged.


7. E-mail Contact

Should you provide us with your e-mail address, we will also communicate with you by e-mail. Should you no longer desire such information, it is naturally possible for you at any time to revoke your consent. In this case, please send us a short message to the given postal or e-mail address.

8. Participation in Forums

On our "Developer Community" Web site, we offer you the possibility of participating in online forums. To this end, we require sufficient information in order to be able to clearly identify you so that, where applicable, we can meet our duty to subsequently identify authors of illegal content. Your personal data is not disclosed to other forum participants unless you have consented thereto in your user profile. Please keep in mind that the texts published by you may be viewed in part by everyone without limitation on the Internet.


9. Data Protection for Minors

 The offers on this Web site are not directed at children. We therefore assume that we will not become aware of any personal data pertaining to children.

10. Technical and Organizational Data Protection

 NAIB takes those technical and organizational measures appropriate given the respective purpose of the data protection in order to protect the information provided by you against abuse and loss. Such data is stored in a secure operating environment that is not accessible to the public. In addition, each of our employees is naturally instructed on data protection and obliged to enter into a confidentiality covenant.


11. E-Mails to NAIB

 Because of tax requirements NAIB has to archive e-mails for ten years in some countries. The e-mail system of NAIB and other members of the NAIB Group are intended to be used for business purposes.


12. Modification of the Declaration on Data Protection

 As a result of the ongoing development of the Internet, it will be necessary to adapt this declaration on data protection to changing conditions on an ongoing basis. Timely notice of such modification shall be given on this page.


13. Information and Other Rights, Contact

Upon written request, our data protection officer would be happy to provide you with information as to whether – and if so, which – personal data we store in relation to you. Should your personal data be incorrect, you may have this rectified immediately. Any such information or modification is free of charge.

Moreover, you are entitled to revoke your consent to use of data in the future, in whole or in part. Should you desire this, we will delete or block your relevant data.

In order to assert such rights, please contact NAIB's data protection officer.

You may contact NAIB's data protection officer directly at any time should you have questions, comments or complaints in connection with this declaration on data protection:

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 Building 1, Road No. 3901, Block No.339, Umm Ul Hassam, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain E-mail: